Saturday, 2 November 2019

Well hello to everyone, it has been a very long time since I last posted on this blog!

I now have so many social media platforms on the go , it is hard to remember them all or fit them all in.

Anyhow I have no doubt that if you are visiting here, most of you will have also visited my website, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etsy...and now Patreon !!  (Seriously!!!) However I do appreciate that not everyone likes those social media platforms and prefer the good old fashioned blog.

This brand new Patreon channel that I have joined, is linked with my long standing Youtube channel where I have been uploading videos for years. They take a long time to edit and hence I don't put up as much as I'd like to.

Patreon works on the old fashioned "Patron" idea, people who are happy and willing to pay the creator a small amount for the time and effort they put into the videos they create for the viewer to benefit from.
My first Patron only video is now up to watch. It is part one of the hand engraving of this tankard:

I am building (long overdue) a new website, this is practically finished and will be moved over to replace the old one within a couple of weeks.
here is a sneak peak, some things may change slightly before it goes live:

Well it is over a year now, that I have been Mrs Lesley Pyke, all is good and it is a lovely feeling to be married again after 20 years of being divorced. I do get confused at times (not difficult...LOL) as my professional name will always be Lesley Pyke.

I was beyond all measures of happiness to have my sons walk me down the aisle last September, there are just no words to describe my feelings. (hose of you who have followed this blog from the beginning will fully understand what I mean....) And to have my Mom and loads of my family there too who travelled from way up north, meant the world to me...and some of my dearest and oldest friends also came, some I hadn't see for many years, also travelling from far and wide, just mind blowing! All my new family were there and it is so lovely to belong to so many people ♥

The use of our close friends magnificent garden for photos, I will be forever grateful, wow!! They are in the photo below♥
My new little step grand kiddies were flower girls and pageboy, they did such a grand job! How gorgeous are these little ones♥

I was so lucky to be able to get to know beautiful Terrese who is now engaged to my eldest son, Shane and they will be getting married next year!! We will be there with bells on!!

Oh there is great news , I have a new grandson, from Shane and Terrese, he is 4 months old now, Brayden, ever so cute. My precious Mason is already 9! Shane and Gavin still live on the opposite end of my time zone (New Zealand and Australia) but regular video chats keep us all up to date and I look forward to meeting Gavin's girlfriend, Kate . Gavin just recently came to stay a few days because he was sent over here for a course in Cambridge , how amazing is that?!!  I am a super-lucky mom and "Life is unfolding as it should..."(from Desiderata.)

My golf still keeps me quite busy, went out to 16 (handicap)  earlier this year....hmm, not good. I really am not sure how that happened except that perhaps I have not been playing quite as much. I still go to the gym which is essential, especially for the mind and bod.

My new premises is absolutely lovely, so cozy, such wonderful peaceful surroundings. I could not ask for a more perfect setting, and only 10 minutes from home. Come and visit if you are nearby
Henstead Arts and Crafts Centre but remember to let me know if you wish to come and see me in case I am not going to be there when you come.

"Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing future of time."   (Desiderata)

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