Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cambridge Glass fair

Hi all, have been mega busy, but have been grabbing whatever time I can (bank holiday weekend for example) to get creative for Cambridge. Here is a taster of the latest, I have a long way to go with it still, it is my 5th Bowl of sea, all quite different, but this one so far is the closest to the original in its colours and movement, although the bowl shape is very different. Its debut will be at Cambridge Glass Fair, 27 Sept.
I bought a nice bike to come to work on from time to time. reminds me of school days. I am also squeezing in more golf and am so so happy about that, it really helps with the time I have to concentrate on my work. Still keep up the gym too, I was there at 7am today....absolutely worth the effort and I recommend it to everyone who has a body! Get my drift?!!
I say again, "muscles must move."

PS I have still so many emails coming in every day from budding engravers.....yes yes I will do something about it as soon as I can. It is very encouraging that at least my little website halps a bit in the mean time. The biggest request is for a DVD, oh yes, and I have loads of material for that already, I could do that easily in one week ....that is what I would have to do, take a week off specifically for that.

Coming close to the time I should be hearing about this "big job" I wonder...I really do wonder.... if it doesn't happen then I really want to try and go and visit my boys in NZ, I have not seen my youngest for 5 years and that is not right. Sometimes you have to take life by the short and curlies and swing it!! It would be my longest trip ever and I would have to go alone, quite an adventure. But will have to see price of tickets v time I have to close.
Keep on going everyone and always stay positive, be confident that you are doing the best you can.

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